Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It's nice to feel good, if only for a day, a night, or a moment, to be an American.


Danimal said...

God Bless America - now lets hope he keeps his promises. The rhetoric of hope has a certain quality, to be sure - but rhetoric doesn't get things done, or redirect the course of a nation, or keep corporate interests out of Washington, etc etc etc. Elation turns to skepticism, but I certainly hope I'm proven wrong.

A.A. Dowd said...

Killjoy. But you're not wrong. The joy I felt Tuesday-- and I was there with the crowd, and it WAS a remarkable display of hope and elation-- has gradually given way to doubt and apprehension and a sobering reality-check. Can Obama really carry the weight of our high expectations? I don't doubt that he believes his own message, but how much of his plan is just pure idealism, good intentions far removed from hard Washington realities? Will he spend four years simply cleaning up the various messes Bush created in his eight? IS he really ready?

I AM skeptical, but that's part of what being an American is (or should) be about. We won the election. Now the real work comes, and it's our obligation to hold Obama responsible for those promises he made.

But if nothing else, this proves something very important: that marginalized America DOES have a voice, and that blacks, hispanics, and working class people are now a subsection of the population whose interests politicians have to start considering and catering to. What if Obama is just the first of his kind? THAT'S an exciting notion.

Josh Staman said...
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