Monday, August 9, 2010


I keep at this pace and I'm going to have to start calling these link dumps "Link of the Month." This one's worth the wait, though, I promise: the inaugural entry in a new column for In Review Online, a series of avant-garde retrospectives I'm calling Alternating Currents. Under Construction: Notes on the 'Notes' of Saul Levine is the lead-off essay, a critical overview of Levine's scraggly, deeply personal brand of "home movie."

I won't lay out my whole mission statement here, as I've done just that in the ramble of a preamble over at InRo. Suffice to say this column was born of both a desire to expand my own knowledge of/appreciation for experimental cinema AND a growing obligation to offer some kind corrective to mainstream film criticism's complete ignorance of the avant-garde.

This first entry definitely got away from me a bit––you can lost in movies as dense and anecdotal as these. I don't intend future entries, each of which will focus on a different filmmaker, to bust as thoroughly at the seams. But then, I can make no promises; how I'll respond to each of these uncompromising visionaries is completely up in the air. Know this: though initially conceived as a monthly column, Alternating Currents is probably going to end up a quarterly affair. Believe me, I'll need the extra time. Lord knows these films both demand and deserve it.